About Lepak Here!

Type of site: Social Networking

URL: https://lepak.org/

Launched : 19 MAY 2021



Lepak founded 19 May 2021, vision to spread and shared happiness, joy bringing everyone into a family.

Lepak today bring everyone from everywhere together put aside hatred, lets share peace and love. With this platform we hope to bring the world closer together.

Lepak features and almost endless variety functions, using a user-friendly platform, combination all sosmed all that u need ONLY Lepak.

Our goal to provide and bring everyone to:

  • Stay connected.
  • Share and express their interest.
  • Exchange information on current issues
  • Discover what going in the world!
  • Create multi medium social network for user.

As currently we want to focus more on local user mainly Malaysian all around the world, we also aim to:

  • Provide authorize platform for beneficial funding!
  • Promote local products and enhance their market value by:
    1. Create Advertisement with LOW cost (PAY per VIEW & PAY per CLICK)
    2. Provide advertising FREE by gaining a point by create BLOG, POST, COMMENT and REACT